Celebrating Difference 

A Rare Disease Journey

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Our goal is to fund the publishing of a large scale, hardcover, coffee table book titled, Celebrating Difference - a rare disease journey, consisting a series of images by photographer Ceridwen Hughes and accompanying stories.  The emphasis is on the child and each image aims to bring out their personality and positivity rather than simply focusing on their condition. 

With this book we aim to make people more aware about what it means to be affected by a rare disease whilst giving them a stronger voice in their community. Using powerful portraits to capture the person behind the condition and sharing as many stories as possible, we can make people think and look beyond their first impression.  The joy and happiness of each child shines through whilst their families discuss their own personal rare disease experience.



As an organisation, Same but Different recognises the importance of providing support for all families affected by rare disease, which is why we will donate funds to ensure there is support available for anyone affected, no matter how rare it is, if we reach our funding target. 

We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to help us by ordering copies of our book, with the option of having your name published in the book as a contributor.

With Kickstarter contributions, Same but Different can afford to print more copies and expand its distribution network.

The images are already photographed, edited and only need to be organised and published. This hardcover photo book will be approximately 108 pages and will measure 11.69 x 8.27 inches, consisting of colour images and their accompanying stories. The book will be printed on heavy stock, high quality, photo paper. I have already had quotes from a reputable printer. We have worked hard to keep costs to a minimum and are now ready to commence with this project. Please know that if a project does not meet its goal, no one's credit card is charged. The cards are only charged when the project meets its goal and the pledging period ends.

The photos in the Kickstarter video are just a sampling of what will be in the book. Many unpublished images will appear in Celebrating Difference and I have been saving, not sharing on social media, photos specifically designated for this book.

Please support the work we do by pledging. The Kickstarter time line is only 60 days. We estimate that the book will be printed and ready to distribute early September to Kickstarter participants. 

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"This is a beautiful exhibition which stops you in your tracks and gives a powerful message. It deserves to be seen by as many people as possible."

Sue Appleton