Izzy is a very happy and affectionate little lady who loves to spend time with her parents, sisters and pets. She is a huge fan of Disney films and watches these everyday along with her dolls that match each film. She also loves her school Ysgol Pen Coch and likes to get her school bag ready every morning by herself!

She is strong willed and independent, she is absolutely perfect in our eyes and the sunshine in our lives!

She suffered a stroke as a result and has been left with extensive brain injury which has left her permanently disabled. She suffers with multi focal epilepsy, hemiplegia with her left side being weaker, hearing impairment, auditory processing disorder, communication difficulty, development delay and has also been diagnosed with autism.

We have huge support from The Encephalitis Society and without them I really don't know where we would be.  Click here to learn more about them.

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