Our Exhibitions

With each exhibition we strive to create something innovative, something to encourage people to want to know more about the participant and the impact of their condition on them and their families. Through our projects and events, we are not able to find a cure or make people better but we can reduce isolation by creating a more understanding community, whether it is in their neighbourhood, work, education establishment or medical environment.


We Can…

The aim of ‘We can…’ was to highlight ability over disability. Through these images and stories we worked with the individuals to offer a glimpse into their skills and talents that often people overlook.

Rare Beauty

This scene based project took the viewer into an environment that is often associated with sterile and frightening environments, such as the operating theatre, hospital wards and clinics, and yet we added beauty and serenity.

Rare Project

This on-going project shines a light on rare diseases and its impact on those affected by rare diseases. We have used powerful portraits to capture the person behind the condition. We are constantly building on this project. 

Beauty of Rare

Each scene in this series was carefully created to hint at the impact of the rare disease on an individual and their families. Through curiosity we set out to encourage people to want to know more.