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Rare Beauty Gallery

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Photographer Ceridwen Hughes has created a series of images that recreate every day scenes that people with rare diseases find themselves in, for example, having surgery, meeting the consultant or having treatment.  The juxtaposition is that whilst these settings by their very nature are usually sterile, uninviting locations, she has created beauty.

“We wanted to create something that encouraged people to want to know more and to find out about the people involved and their conditions.  Despite 1 in 17 people being affected by a rare disease in the UK awareness is limited.  A photograph of someone in an operating theatre, for example, can be quite a scary image for some people to look at but by making it into a beautiful environment we hopefully encourage people to want to know more” explained Ceridwen.

“Everyone involved in the photo series is affected by rare disease in some way whether it is the patient, their family or the medical staff."

This project has been possible with the grateful support of Children in Need, Birmingham Children’s Hospital and Alder Hey Children’s Hospital.

Please click on the gallery images below to read about the people who have rare diseases and the impact it has on their families.

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