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30% Project

Through the 30% Project we will create a truly unique and innovative exhibition. We will combine photography, written narratives, video and 3D design that will take people on an emotional yet informative journey.

The title reflects the number of children who will, sadly, die before their 5th birthday due to a rare disease. Whilst the project, by its very nature, is a difficult topic, we wish to encourage dialogue and highlight the importance of research to identify treatment options for those affected.

Our aim is to immerse the public in the incredible journeys that families go on when their child is diagnosed with a terminal disease, whilst reflecting on the difficult times we will also highlight the joy and strength that arise from these experiences.

We will…

  • Use this multi-media exhibition to capture the stories of hope and strength found by people in their most difficult of situations

  • Create powerful stories to contextualise the portraits and give people an emotional connection so they can gain a greater knowledge of rare diseases and its impact

  • Hold immersive exhibitions in selected venues

  • Maximise the publicity around key dates such as rare disease day, inherited metabolic disease day and similar platforms

  • Build on existing worldwide publicity to truly launch the conditions into the mainstream and change the language that is used surrounding rare disease, life limiting conditions and highlight the importance of research

If you would like to tell us your story and take part in this project, please send us your details, along with your story and we will be in touch.

To make a donation to help us support those affected by rare disease please click on the Donate button at the top of the page.

For further information, please contact us via email on enquiries@samebutdifferentcic.org.uk

Image of Lucy kindly supplied by her mother Toni

Image of Lucy kindly supplied by her mother Toni


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