We can…

Guest looking at the Rare Project exhibition on display in the House of Parliament

Building on the success of the Rare Project, which used photography and supportive videos to highlight Rare Diseases and saw exhibitions in the Senedd and Houses of Parliament as well as coverage in over 24 different countries, we are looked at promoting greater awareness of the huge amounts that can be achieved by adults with learning difficulties and children with complex needs. 

In the “We can..” project we used photography to capture powerful images, video’s and written pieces to tell their stories.

We can…” :

  • introduce the person behind the condition/disability

  • empower them to share their stories in a creative way

  • will break down barriers for inclusion within communities, and,

  • signpost support organisations.

The aim of the exhibition is to encourage people to look at the person behind the conditions and to want to know more.  We aim to break down barriers and ultimately reduce isolation and fear of the unknown.  Please click on an image below to display their story in full.

For further information or if you work in an organisation who would like to display the exhibition please contact us via email on ceri@samebutdifferentcic.org.uk.

With kind support from these organisations.

With kind support from these organisations.