We can... Mark

Mark is 20 years old and lives in Mold.

One of the hardest part of this project has been hearing about the number of people with learning disabilities who have been bullied.  Time and again we have been told that people have shouted abuse and even destroyed property belonging to these young people.  It is so sad that these kind, caring and inspiring young people are bullied purely for being different.

“I have been really happy to take part in this project and have been looking forward to it.  I love to write songs and stories and sometimes I do You Tube.  I am making my own gaming channel, holiday channel and doing blogs.  I love to travel and I once went to Greece for my brother’s wedding.  I was his best man.  I love to write songs.  I love listening to Bon Jovi, AC DC, Thin Lizzy or that sort of stuff.  I like rock and pop and maybe some country too.  Everything makes me happy, especially writing songs.  Getting treats makes me happy too. 

“When people bully me it makes me sad.  I get bullied a lot and it has happened for a long time.  People swear at me and are mean.  It makes me really, really sad and emotional.  If I knew someone was being bullied I would make them tell a teacher or their parents.  People bully you to make fun of you and be silly.  They take paper off me and rip it, then throw it away or throw it around and being really horrible towards me.  I told my mum and she helped me.

“I love sharing my story so other people should do it to.  I have loved doing this project.”

“I think there are three things people should do.  They are 1. Be happy, 2. Smile more and 3. Be focussed on their work because the more you work the more education you get.” 

Mark has Downs Syndrome and moderate learning difficulties.

Ceridwen HughesComment